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During this May/June school holidays, do you wish that your kids can enhance their creativity by attending creative lessons which will help them achieve better results in their school work and be useful for their future? NeuroFlash's Creative Cultivation Laboratory has planned a full programme of creative workshops, learning courses and special programmes for your children. Please click here to download the schedule we have planned for your kids..


NeuroFlash Private Limited's own product, the Fuel Cell Exploratory Kit is available now. For more information please click on the ANNOUNCEMENT link. If you wish to purchase a set, please go to the shopping cart by clicking on the PRODUCTS link.


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NeuroFlash Private Limited launched the Fuel Cell Exploratory Kit, a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell educational kit for secondary school and junior college students, during the Bluesky Carnival at the Suntec City Convention Centre on 16 July 2005. The kit was developed by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and licensed from Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd, the commercialisation arm of A*Star.

The Fuel Cell Exploratory Kit comes in two versions: basic or complete set. The basic set consists of a single stack PEM fuel cell, a hydrogen generator and a motor mounted on a stand with a plastic fan. The single stack PEM fuel cell can be disassembled with bare hands. Students will be able to see the components that make up a PEM fuel cell. The hydrogen generator uses sodium borohydride and distilled water to produce hydrogen to run the PEM fuel cell.

Accessories in the kit include a pair of safety goggles, gloves, tweezers, an empty bottle for keeping sodium borohydride, a pair of wires to connect the fuel cell to the motor, a base plate to mount the fuel cell and hydrogen generator, a plastic spoon and a flexible tube to connect the hydrogen generator to the fuel cell.

The set also comes with a quickstart guide, a pull out poster and an instructional manual with 20 experiments divided into chemistry, physics and technology at elementary, intermediate and advance levels.

The complete set includes the basic set plus a load measurement box and a pair of "Y" cables. The load measurement box has a voltmeter and an ammeter for measuring the voltage and current produced by the PEM fuel cell. It also has seven resistors to be used for plotting the characteristics curve of the fuel cell.

The Fuel Cell Exploratory Kit is available now. Please contact us if you wish to know more about the product or click on the PRODUCTS link to access the shopping cart.

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